Marvin Window Condensation Problems Solved

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Marvin Windoww Condensation Problems 300x200 Marvin Window Condensation Problems Solved

Marvin Wood Window Condensation Problems

After replacing my old drafty windows for new beautiful energy efficient Marvin wood windows, I found condensation on the inside of the glass. My old drafty windows didn’t show any signs of condensation so you can imagine my surprises when I found condensation on my new Marvin windows.

The good news is, inside condensation is a sign my new Marvin wood windows are actually working properly. Let me explain.

Every  home has humidly inside. Every time you take a shower, run a bath, wash the dishes or wash your cloths your putting a great deal of humidity inside your home.

My old drafty windows allowed the inside humidity to escape along with my expensive warm air. My new Marvin Wood Windows didn’t create a humidity problem they just prevented the excess humidity from escaping.

What can be done to lower the excess humidity in your home?

  • Always run your kitchen, bath and laundry fans
  • Lower your humidifier settings
  • Install a outside air intake for your furnace
  • Install more ventilating fans or even a whole house fan

Marvin Wood Window Condensation Problems Solved

At my home I replaced the 80cfm bath fans with new Panasonic 150cfm bath fans. My bath fans are on timers so all we need to do  is turn them on and they automatically turn off after one hour. Now when I can get out of a hot morning shower I have no condensation on my mirrors or windows.

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